Premium Anti-Cellulite Leggings

About us

Hello! We are the Bruna twins, Nadinne and Dannita, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Together we travel to many countries around the world on publicity campaigns to promote plastic surgeries, aesthetic treatments and a healthy fitness lifestyle.

We are real women who fight everyday battles of our own. We have transformed our bodies for the better one day at time, with a lot of hard work and effort. Our only wish is for every other woman like us to feel healthy, sexy and confident and we know how important that is in life! We understand real women because we are real women!

That is why we have developed these leggings specifically for "curvy women." They are ultra stretchy and possess an Anti-Cellulite effect thanks to the special texture that hides imperfections! Even for the fit woman, these leggings embrace and enhance your curves. Women of all sizes can wear these leggings to look their best without worry. We wear these leggings and they are our favorites and this is why we want to make them available to you. We are proud of our product. Try them and we guarantee you will fall in love instantly!

Sexy, Stylish, and Comfortable are how leggings were meant to be!